School Reform and Moving Transition Announcements

In 2011,Shanghai Theater Academy and Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee jointly established Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy. Since its foundation, the school has been insisting on theidea of “equal focus on the basis and majors, high artistic capacity, all-round development, and striving for the first-class”, attaching importance to the teaching quality and serving the New District. The school has also made positive exploration in establishing art school and cultivating artistic talents, and has made great achievements, and we have received praises from administrative departments and various circles of society.

In recent years, with the development and cultural adjustment of the New District, Huangdao District Government and Shanghai Theater Academy signed the second cooperation agreement. Thus, the development and construction of Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy ushered in the spring. The new campus construction project with an investment of RMB 380 million yuan has been launched in November 2016 and proceeded smoothly. To support the development of our school, benefit more students and help students fulfill their art dreams, Huangdao district government convened the eighth executive meeting and made a decision officially that Qingdao Art School of Shanghai Theater Academy would be transformed into public school since August 2017. Starting from next school year, our school will be run under the system of public schools, which is a comprehensive middleschool giving both high-school and vocational education. After reform, the original teachers and administrative staff continue being employed inprincipal, obtaining the same salary with that of teachers at public schools,enjoying the payments of social security and funds of housing public accumulation. Accordingly, both tuition and accommodation fee will bedramatically reduced or deducted. Simultaneously, our school will be supported significantly by local government in terms of finance to ensure it will run smoothly.   

According to the planning and adjustment to the New District construction, the original campus of Qingdao School ofArts, Shanghai Theatre Academy should be rebuilt as soon as possible. During the construction period, the campus may have serious safety problems. The district government decided: before the completion of our new campus, our school should be moved to the International Department of No.6 Middle School during the transition period for a year. (Address: No.19 Qingyunshan Road,Huangdao District ). The International Department of No.6 Middle School covers seventeen thousand square meters, which is a new and relatively independent building group, including teaching, training and living facilities. To help our students and teachers overcome various difficulties during the transition period, The District Government has also decided to build temporary teaching facilities, professional teaching equipment, arrange single apartments forteachers, provide shuttle buses for teachers and buses on holidays for studentsand so on. All measures proposed by the District Government are to ensure the normal operation of the teaching and the smooth transition of the school untilQingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy will be moved into the new Campus in August 2018 .

      The Council of Qingdao School of Arts,Shanghai Theatre Academy acknowledges that the above-mentioned decisions of theHuangdao District Government have fully demonstrated the importance of the development and construction of our school as well as fully recognized the direction and achievements of our school. At the same time, it also reflects that the government cares for our teachers and students. The series of decisions by the district government is an excellent opportunity for our school to achieve leap development. Our teachers and students should be united, and when we fully enjoy the development achievements of the New District, we must meet various challenges and contribute to the smooth transition before our school takes off.

The School Council