2017 AdmissionGuide for Three-year Students

Qingdao School ofArts, Shanghai Theatre Academy

2017 AdmissionGuide for Three-year Students

Qingdao School ofArts, Shanghai Theatre Academy is a cultural cooperation project of ShanghaiTheatre Academy with Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. Founded in Dec. 2011, it is a full-time, comprehensive secondary art school with nationally recognized diploma. It is under the director of the local education bureau and sets up normal senior curriculum with artistic feature as well as secondary vocational education withartistic feature.

Qingdao Schoolof Arts, Shanghai Theater Academy is located in No. 699, Golden Beach Road,Huangdao District, Qingdao. After five years’ construction and development, ourschool needs a more suitable campus. The government has already decided toinvest 400 million RMB to rebuild a new campus near the Silver Beach in QingdaoEconomic and Technological Development Zone. The new campus is underconstruction and it is predicted to be put into use within two years. By thenwe will have a more professional, beautiful and convenient campus to welcomestudents from all over the country.

The school has invited a number of famous educators and artists to participate in the teaching and administration of the school. With rich experience in art education and artpractice, they are taking the duty of discovering and cultivating young arttalents. The school has also employed a group of teachers with rich teaching experience to undertake cultural courses. As these courses use the ordinarysecondary school textbooks, the students can participate in the national artcollege entrance examination, or apply for other colleges and universities.

The normal highschool art classes enroll junior high graduates in Qingdao, the secondary vocational art classes admit students from all over China. For the startingpoint of junior high school graduates (three years of schooling), the school provides the program on Acting for Theater (TV & Film), Acting for Musical,Broadcasting and TV hosting, Art Design and Production.

The schoolinsists on the idea of “equal focus on the basis and majors, high artisticcapacity, all-round development, and striving for the first-class”; adheres tothe principle of "humanized education, individualized development,characteristic teaching, and standardized management"; and forms the arteducation characteristics of "major-oriented classes, foundation-based coverage, combination of majors, and common progress of creativity, technology and culture”. The school carries out the boarding system and closed management.

In May 2012, Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy signed the cooperation agreement with St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts,Russia. If the graduates are able to pass the language assessment, they canenter St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

In October 2012 and June 2014 the school signed a cooperation agreement separately with Huayi Brothers College of Arts and Shanghai Film Art Academy.With recommendation of Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy , the graduates with good grades will get priority admission to the two colleges above, so that the 3-year art school education can be directly linked to the3-year art college education.

I2017 Enrollment Plan and Test Content 

II.ProfessionalTest Registration and Timetable

1. Registrationtime: The on-line registration starts from November 15th, 2016.

2.Registrationmaterials: one recently-taken 1-inch bareheaded and full-faced photo (with yourname written on the back); one registration form. Registration form can be downloaded on the school website. And you can also get and fill in the formwhen you sign up on the spot.

3. Registrationmethod:

(1) Online registration: log in "online registration system"(http://qdyx.sta.edu.cn) of our school for registration, you must indicate thetest place, and sit for the exam at specified time and place.
 (2)  On-the-spot registration: Admission Office,Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy:
Address: Admissions Office,
Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy(at the entrance door ofThe Research Institute of Fudan University )     Golden Beach Road 699, Qingdao Economicand Technological Development Zone  

4. Examination time: First time:  May 7th, 2017
                          Second time:  June 18th, 2017
Examination site: The 4th Teaching Building, Qingdao School of Arts, ShanghaiTheatre Academy   Golden Beach Road 699,Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (Inside the schoolyard ofThe Research Institute of Fudan University)

. Academic test

Junior middleschool graduates, as candidates, need to provide effective examination reportsor relevant certificates. Our school will delimit a minimum passing score to the literacy test and select candidates according to the marks they get.

IV. Admission

1. Admissionmethods of the normal high school art classes: if the candidates’compulsory courses scores reach the cutoff marksspecified by the local education bureau, we will enroll candidates according totheir professional examination results.  If the candidates are not admitted because ofthe quota limits, they can be admitted to the same professional major in secondaryvocational art classes if they are willing to.

2. Admissionmethods of the secondary vocational art classes: if the candidates’ compulsorycourses scores reach the cutoff marks specified by the local education bureau,we will enroll candidates according to their professional examination results.

3. After strictselection, candidates who have artistic talents can get exceptive admission onthe basis of their real conditions.

4. Candidates who sign up for two or more specialties shall be admitted according to the firstchoice, if they are qualified for more than one of them. And their scores areranked respectively according to the requirements of each specialty.

V. Tuition Fees and Scholarships

1. Each studentof normal high-school art classes fees 16000 yuan/year.

2.  Each Secondary vocational student fees 16000yuan/year . Each registered secondary vocational student enjoys a tuition waiver of 4500 yuan/year.

3. The school has set up scholarships for excellent freshmen and other regular scholarships ineach academic year. The maximum amount is RMB 8000 per person. Excellent freshmen admission scholarship recipients account for about 30% of thestudents; regular scholarship recipients account for about 30%-40% of thestudents. The scholarship covers all the students who are enrolled in ourschool. The details of evaluation standard are mentioned in The StudentHandbook.

4.  Our school also sets up student subsidies forthe students who have financial difficulties. The students who have financialdifficulties can apply to the school for a subsidy.

5. We also chargethe dormitory fee and book fee separately.

6. If there is achange of the fees or scholarships above, we will adjust them according to thenew standards of the relevant government departments.

VI. AdditionalAnnouncements:

1.Applicants shall be registered within time limit each term. If they exceed theregistration time limit, discontinue schooling for some reasons or are expelled from school, their registration will be cancelled. For detailed information,please see The Student Handbook.

2. New students should come to register with the tuition fees. The feesof dormitory and teaching materials will be paid separately.

3. According to relevant regulations, the students from other provinces can participate in the college entrance examinations either in Shandong Province or in their home province .

4.The enrollment of six-year Professional Dance Performances major will be announced separately. (The 2017 Enrollment Brochure of six-year Professional Dance Performances major)

VII. Contact Us

School Address: Golden Beach Road 699, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (Inside the schoolyard of The Research Institute of Fudan University)
School Website

Contact Person: Ms Han Xiao  Mr. Liu Song Ms. Zhang Hong

Tel  0532-89602082 /18661795091