The Scenery of Campus(photo collection)


Overlooking Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy


The Main School Gate, 699 Golden Beach Road


Comprehensive Teaching Building, the main building of the school


European-style majestic pillars, reflecting the international character of the school


Professional Teaching Building, the first batch of students towards their dreams from here


This is a temple of art, where numerous children will accept the baptism of Art here


The First Teaching Building, “equal focus on the basis and majors” will be perfected here


The Windmill Tower, summoning the future artists to set sail from here


Beauties of springtime — here are the graceful magnolias


Beauties of springtime — here are also some unknown flowers


Beauties of springtime — here are also pieces of beautiful fragrance


Stocky windmill tower, showing the firm confidence of the school


Colorful Autumn Scenery of the Campus


White straight campus road lights


Mysterious “Nanyang Spring”


Night scenery _ School Gate


Night scenery _ Professional Teaching Building


Night scenery _ Comprehensive Teaching Building

The school facing the beautiful Golden Beach


The campus at dawn