School Profile

    Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academyis founded in Dec. 2011, which is a cultural cooperation project of Shanghai Theatre Academy with Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. It is mainly directed by the government of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, which takes full charge of the operation and development of thisschool. It introduces the superior brand and technology from Shanghai TheatreAcademy as well as accepts the direction and supervise of their professors.Also, it is a full-time, comprehensive secondary art school with nationally recognized diploma.


 Aim at “first-classapplied-style graduates with potential for cultural industry and cultural needs”and cultivating qualified arts students for higher colleges and universities of Arts” , our school sets up normal high school art classes as well as secondary vocational art classes. With the construction of the new campus , our school will carry out international cooperation in running schools , and we will also provide advanced study and training for radio, film and television art talents on the front. 


  The campus is situated on the Golden Beach of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. After five years of construction and development , it could not meet the development needs of the school under current situation. On this occasion, a decision was made to invest 4 hundred million RMB by the local government for the new campus on the Silver Beach,which will come into use within two years. It will then be a renewed, much more elegant and convenient place embracing students across the country.


Qingdao School of Art, Shanghai Theatre Academy contains 117 teachers and around 700 students. The school has invited a number of famous educators and artists to participate in the teaching and administration of the school. With rich experience in art education and art practice, they are taking the duty of discovering and cultivating young art talents. A group of seasoned teachers engaged from the whole country play the leading role as cultural-course teachers. Specialists and scholars from Shanghai Theatre Academy and others give lessons regularly as guest professors.We use the ordinary secondary school textbook which allows students to be able to attend the National Arts Exam or the College Entrance Examination.

The secondary vocational art classes enroll students all over the country .For the starting point of junior high school graduates(three years of schooling), the school provides the programs on Acting for Theatre(TV & Film), Acting for Musical, Broadcastingand TV Hosting, Art Design and Production. For the starting point of elementary school (six years of schooling), the school provides the programs on Dance(Chinese dance, Ballet and Ballroom Dance).

The normal highschool art classeswelcome the fresh junior high graduates in Qingdao. The school provides majors in Acting for Theatre(TV & Film), Acting for musical, Broadcasting and TVHosting, Art Design and Production, Dramatic Literature (Playwriting).

The school carries out the concept of “humanity, democracy, integrity and optimism”as well as insists on the idea of “equal focus on the basis and majors, highartistic capacity, all-round development, and striving for thefirst-class"; adheres to the principle of "humanized education,individualized development, versatile teaching, and standardized management"; and forms the feature of art education of"major-oriented classes, foundation-based coverage, combination of majors,and common progress of creativity, technology and culture”. The school carries out the boarding system and closed management. Since the official enrollment inthe fall of 2012, the education and teaching management of the school has been working well. 



The school also lays great emphasis on cooperation with pronounced universities home and abroad. In May 2012, Qingdao School of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy signed the cooperation agreement with St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Russia. If the graduates are able to pass the language assessment, they can enter St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.


In October 2012 and June 2014 the school signed a cooperation agreement separately with Huayi Brothers College of Arts and Shanghai Film Art Academy. With recommendation of QingdaoSchool of Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy , the graduates with good grades will get priority admission to the two colleges above, so that the 3-year art school education can be directly linked to the 3-year art college education. 


Since the official enrollment in the fall of 2012, the education and teaching management of the school has been working well.Its professional advantages and strengths are increasingly apparent. The university enrolment rate of our school is high above the average in Shandong Province.Students and teachers have won prizes in all kinds of local and national professional competitions, which makes the social reputation of the school increasingly high.
   In November,2014, at the 2014 CEFA General Conference, after the pre-assessment and comprehensive consideration of the board , Qingdao School of Arts,Shanghai Theatre Academy became a member of CEFA officially . This marks a big stepforward towards
our goal of "building a well-known art school".

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